Marathon Dominator

Marathon Dominator System


Marathon Dominator



With just 4 days a week of training, you can DOMINATE in your runs, regardless of your age, gender, current speed or skill level!


With the Dominator System you’ll enjoy…

Easy to follow and fully outlined training schedule. No guessing.
• Learning how to avoid the most common marathon injuries and how to treat them if they DO occur.
A four day per week training schedule that you can fit into your busy while still having the energy to train andenjoy your life.
• A simple, straight forward workout that is easy to do and specially designed to increase your strength and stamina for running.
Advice from me and experts on the mental side of running and how to make your mind and body go that extra mile.
• Real nutrition advice meant for the marathon runner on what you should and shouldn’t eat to train and be in optimal form. Recipes included!


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