Running partner

As an recreational runner I never complicated how to record elapsed kilometers. 

I tried a variety of applications, mostly ones that can be find on Google Play for the mobile , but I was most suited with the Sport Tracker (for Android).

Running partnerI did’t check it on Ios and win so I can only comment its performance on .

It’s easy to use, transparent, recording  time, miles, calories burned, altitude, difference and accurately displays the elapsed route on the map, layout history (have a nice background :)) and easy synchronizes with other social networks.

You can also get a strap belt for measurement which is compatible with this application.
I help myself with sports watch Signa PC 10.11 to record my heart rate .

Running partnerIn training is acceptable for me to take a cell phone with me to run and record  information I need.

Otherwise it’s a bit annoying because of the size of the phone, but usually there is a pocket where I can store it.

If you haven’t tried Sport-Tracker yet, it’s out for free.
I would  be happy if you shared with me what  you use to measure vital functions and expired kilometers.

After my recent injury I can finally start training for a half marathon in Vienna in April and in that time I will experiment a variety of items and products and  for sure share my findings with you all.

Till next blog…

Running partnerRunning partner

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