Teeth Whitening Kit Dione A7

If you wanna have a really white smile you have to have teeth whitening kit.
it is very difficult for many people who have yellow teeth. Actually, if the teeth are yellow, they are actually in very good health. but it is awkward for many people to smile in public because of that.

And here comes this

Teeth Whitening Kit

Main features:
● Cares for many kinds of teeth
● It is portable and easy to operate
● Avoiding the high price of caring teeth in hospital
● Small package box design for easy taking
● 360-degree waterproof design for convenient cleaning
● USB / OTG charging
● USB cable length: 79.6cm

● Porcelain and dentures are not suitable for use
● Discoloration of teeth due to lesions is not applicable
● Severe allergies and pregnant women and children are forbidden to use

Costs only  17,16 €

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