Convert Angle Grider into Chainsaw

Chainsaw 11,5 Inch


Here is one good product for those who like to use multiple tools.


11,5 Inch Chainsaw bracket can change Angle Grider into Chainsaw.


If you don´t want to spend too much money for motor saw or the electric saw and you don´t have too much wood to saw is this Chainsaw Bracket right for you.

It cost only about 32$.

And you can cut wood diameter of 28 cm.

Chainsaw Bracker Features:

1. This Chain Saw Bracket Set fits 100/125/150 angle grider.
2. Automatic refueling, with protective cover.
3. An ergonomic handle which is very convenient and safer for carrying.
4. Its input power depends on your own angle grinder, so it is not a certain number.
5. Safety of sawing effectively improves the efficiency of your work.
6. The chain interval with the counter-attack shrapnel, guide oil hole, make to use more secure.
7. These saw chains are an improved version of the Titan saw chain and are semi-professional chains.

For more details 

Chainsaw Bracket for 100 125 150 Angle Grinder 

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