Cryptex- Steampunk USB Drive



Cryptex- Steampunk USB DriveFlash drives like Cryptex USB Flash Drive are a convenient way to carry around your data, and with the size of drives available today, you can store a ton of photos, files, music, and video in a very tiny space. Unfortunately, due to their convenient size, they are also easy targets for information thieves.

With a 5 dial combination preset to a specific number, only people with the code can get into it to get access to the drive (which slides out when the correct combination is dialed). It’s small enough to hang from your keychain, and has a sweet steampunk aesthetic. The next time you want your data to stay with you, think Cryptex.
So carry something small but secure, like this Cryptex USB Flash Drive

cryptex USB Flash Drive

Product Specifications:

Cryptex  USB Flash Drive
• Mechanical combination lock protects your data
• Inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s sketches
• Unique 5 digit code is preset and included with unit
• Side to set the code on is the one with notches between the numbers
• Capacity: 16 GB
• Material: Zinc alloy, bonded leather strap, velvet pouch
• Dimensions: 2 1/2″ long x 1″ across
• Weight: 3 oz.


Cryptex- Steampunk USB Drive


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