Dji Osmo Mobile

osmo mobile

Dji Osmo Mobile

With Dji Osmo Mobile you can capture memories and share them more easily than ever. Every shoot you make look smooth, professional and ready to share (through YouTube Live and Facebook Live), because your instantly turns into a smart motion camera.

Dji Osmo Mobile

You can automatically track your subject and capture wonderful motion timelapses, even stream them around the world using
Dji GO app.

Dji GO app uses activeTrack technology that allows Osmo Mobile to automatically keep your smartphone facing you as you move.

Simply smooth

Dji Osmo Mobile

You know how hard it is to make smooth with your smartphone while you are walking.

The Osmo Mobile  3-axis Gimbal system smooths and cancels out the movements you make,

stopping camera shake and turns your every shoot into a masterpiece.

The Osmo Mobile’s panorama function automatically captures and blends 9 separate photos together

to create  one stunning photo.

Long exposures

Make long exposures without a tripod for sharp night shots.

Dji Osmo MobileShoot without Osmo Mobile

Dji Osmo MobileShoot with Osmo Mobile

The Osmo Mobile will keep your smartphone steady.

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Dji Osmo Mobile

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