Fly Reel Hardy Fortuna X2

Fly Reel Hardy Fortuna X2

Andy Mill the legendary angler had a hand in developing the great Fly Reel Hardy Fortuna X2. Powerfull and an amazingly light Reel Fortuna made to take on the largest, wildest salmon in the world.


hardy fortuna 2



hardy fortuna 2HARDY FORTUNA midi


  • Top grade 6061 anodized bar stock aluminum
  • Simple left to right hand wind change with tool supplied
  • Large backing capacities
  • Multi Carbon disc brake system
  • Low start up inertia
  • 7-Point sealed drag system
  • Largest sizes generate up to 32lb of top end drag
  • Secure, quick release, interchangeableĀ  spools
  • Supplies with neoprene pouch


Hardy Fortuna X Fly Reel

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