Hands-Free calls with Parrot MINIKIT +

Truly hands-free calls

Kit for Bluetooth-Compatible Mobile Phones, including iPhones and other Smartphones.

PARROT MINIKIT portable hands-free kits are stand-alone portable devices that  not require professional installation on the vehicle.

Synchronisation with your telephone directory will start automatically the first time you use the Parrot MINIKIT+. You will then find all your contacts in the hands-free kit’s memory.

Easy to install and use

The Parrot MINIKIT+’s vibration sensor will switch it into On mode and automatically connect it to your mobile phone as soon as you enter your vehicle.

It also comes with an elastic strap which is easily reversible whether you have your sun visor down or up. Ingenious and practical!

You can browse through the menus using the knob, validate with the green button or cancel the action by simply pressing the red button.

Thanks to the Bluetooth A2DP audio profile, you can listen to navigation instructions from your smartphone or to your music directly from the Parrot MINIKIT+.

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