Kinezio tapes

Last  year I often used Kinesio tapes. They helped me with relieving pain in muscles and ligaments after running and exercising. I am not so young anymore so pain is quite often. Pills just don’t come in place. I started eating right and tried to take as little pills and antibiotic as possible.  And with all that this Spidertech kinesio tapes helped me a lot.

Some do not believe that Kinesio tapes help relaxing  pain and that it’s all only in the head (placebo effect). If they help you I don’t know why you should not  use them.  Kinesio tapes are very simple to attach, otherwise on Spidertech home page you can find a video presentation for every part of the body, so you don’t need  to be a Physiotherapist or Doctor to place it right.

It’s true that at this moment there is a flood of these products  in the world and that not all of them are of sufficient quality and therefore the effects are different.

I use SpiderTech  pre – cut elastic sport tape, in my opinion one of the best.


  • they are pre- cut for a specific part of the body,
  • they are made from natural materials and don’t irritate skin, this is very important because  quite a lot of people have sensitive skin,
  •  as  Manufacturer is assuring they really stay attached up to 5 days,
  • partly elastic and are useful for relieving pain and stabilizing part of the body (ankle, shoulder, etc ..)

In article bellow you can read what Paul Westwood thinks about Kinezio tapes.

Kinesio Tape, Athletic Performance and Self Belief – by Paul Westwood

Good reading

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