Robotic Cleaner Alfawise x5 Best Price

Alfawise X5 Robotic Cleaner


It is hard to buy good robotic cleaner nowadays. Or should I say,


When  robotic cleaners come out on the market it was only suitable to buy IRobot.
But now there are many good quality robotic cleaners on the market,
you just have to choose or wait for a flash sale and you can buy them very cheap.

One of the great cleaners is this Alfawise x5 Robotic Cleaner.
It cost a little under 200 €.





Not only that it has standard features like managing it true the Smartphone.
– Schedule
– Mode – settings
– On-off
– Device – sharing

You can just say. Alexa, turn on cleaner. :) COOL.

Robotic Cleaner Alfawise X5

It has 2 main brushes, 1000pa strong suction.

I like it because it has Dry Vacuuming & Damp Mopping,
2-1 design.
With water tank and dust bin storage of 300ml each.


Other features like How many advanced sensors it has or Barrier – cross height and How easy is to clean it.

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You will be happy with this product




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