Sea Scooter Trident

The Best Underwater Sea Scooter


The name of this innovating Chinese developer Geneinno, founded in 2013, comes from Gene+ Innovation.

They are global provider and developer of optimal solution for drone and control system and
are really committed to ongoing innovation that fosters underwater exploration and development.

They hope to inspire people from all across the world to engage with the ocean.

For that, they are devoted to providing the most revolutionary products for their customers.

And one of that innovating product is

Sea Scooter Trident

– The best underwater sea scooter in the Word.

-Designed by Red Dot winner team.

This smart underwater sea scooter Trident has a powerful engine that:

– supports the thrust up to 26.5lbs
– speed  4mph
– manage depth to 164ft
– two variable speeds – 2.4mph / 4mph

– Trident weight its only 7.7lbs

It is designed that you can never lose it in the ocean. When it is out of batteries it will float to the surface.
A structure is similar to an airplane with attachment to easily connect your GoPro or other action cameras for gorgeous photos and videos.



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