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revitReVit is the world’s finest microdermabrasion tool! It combines gentle microdermabrasion exfoliation with vacuum stimulation to reduce the appearance of age spots, fine lines and acne scars.

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•Removes dead skin cells to achieve a flawless complexion.
• Gentle tip exfoliation to improve skin tone, texture and elasticity.
• Reduces the appearance of age spots, fine lines and acne scars.
• Vacuum stimulation for smoother and youthful looking skin.
• Saves hundreds of dollars VS. office treatments.
• Convenient, simple and affordable.

What makes ReVit different?
Diamonds are the difference! Traditional crystal microdermabrasion tools leave aluminum oxide debris behind which can make your face look dirty and irritate your eyes. The Silk’n ReVit uses diamond abrasion—so the only thing left behind is youthful, vibrant skin!

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• 100% crystal free microdermabrasion.
• Vacuum stimulation removes the old, dull topmost layer of the skin.
• Use on face, neck and back of the hands.
• Includes 3 different diamond heads: Fine, Coarse and Precision.
• Visible results in as little as one week!

Three different treatment heads for perfect results!
Your Silk’n ReVit comes complete with three different attachments: Precision, Fine and Coarse. Each attachment is designed to treat specific parts of the face, neck and hands with the greatest care.

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• Fine attachment – For normal skin or skin that has recently been treated.
• Coarse attachment – Used for more intensive abrasion.
• Precision attachment – Perfect for small areas around the nose and the corners of your eyes.

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