USB 5 Port Charging Holder Utorch

Multi-use 5 Port Charging Holder


Nowadays when its soo many electronic devices which we must charge, it is nice to know where are those different chargers, when you need them.
So it is nice to have a charging port at home.

You always know where to plug the Smartphone, Tablet and all other smart devices.

USB 5 Port Charging Holder Utorch

This USB 5 Port Charging Utorch is equipped with 5 USB charging ports. It can charge 5 devices at the same time. with 5 ports in the base, you can place perfectly your smartphones and other devices.
Because this USB charging holder is equipped with with 6000k, you can also use it for a bedside lamp or reading lamp.

-5 USB charging ports
– QC3,0 technology improves charging efficiency
– Detachable led light can be moved where you need it
– 5 slots on the base



USB 5 Port Charging Holder Utorch

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